We are located in the historical center of Cusco. Our convenient location makes it easy to walk and is affordable to take taxis.

From the airport

Directions from the Airport

The easiest way is to ask us to book a taxi for you (Cost 25 soles). A taxi from the street is not 100% safe but it will cost you less.

Distance from Hotel: 9 miles / 13 kms.
Drive Time: 25 min

From the train station

From the train station

From Poroy taxi cost 40 soles approx.

Distance from Hotel: 7 miles / 10 kms.
Drive Time: 20 min

From the bus station

From the bus station

From the Bus Terminal the taxi cost around 10 soles.

Distance from Hotel: 3 miles / 4 kms.
Drive Time: 10 min

From the central square

From the central square

Just walk. If you have altitude sickness u can take a taxi and will cost u 3 soles.

Distance from Hotel: 1/3 of mile / 500 mts.
Drive Time: 3-4 min

Our address:

Cuesta Santa Ana 515, Cusco, Cusco, Perú

Phone: +51 955 145 112